Math 1010: Height of a Zero Gravity Parabolic Flight

This is the second project I had to do for Math 1010. This class was very helpful in making me realize how exactly you can use math, especially algebra, in real life. Also on this project, for part 6 we were instructed to respond to this question: Did this project change the way you think about how math can be applied to the real world? Write one paragraph stating what ideas changed and why. If this project did not change the way you think, write how this project gave further evidence to support your existing opinion about applying math. Be specific. I definitely think that this project helped me realize how much you really use math in the real world. Before I just really didn’t care about algebra and never really understood the use of it, until now, especially with the great teacher I found. Before I never really had a teacher that would use an example from every chapter to show how you use it in the real world. And doing this project in her class has definitely helped me out a lot and has changed my view on it.

By devilpup141

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