Who Am I?

Who Am I?


I am me. I encompass everything that my parents ever wanted me to be. Loyal, compassionate,


friendly, a people person, a hard worker, lovable and trustworthy. As I sit there and mediate


every day I think of all the things I have accomplished and what I can accomplish in the future


because of who I am. I am me, the girl that doesn’t judge a cover by its book, who has gained


many friends over the years because I don’t give their secrets away and don’t judge them based


on those secrets. I am the girl people look to for when they need help and or are in trouble. I am


the one who will love no matter what may happen in life. I am the animal lover that will do


anything to protect an animal against anyone’s wishes and threats. I love myself for who I am


and the great woman I am blossoming into. That is who I am.

By devilpup141

The King’s Speech-Film Review

The King’s Speech: Film Review


            This film interested me greatly in the fact that I don’t know much about the hierarchy in


the United Kingdom and when this film came out it received such great review that I just had to


do a review on it. The film revolves around Bertie, or better known as, King George VI. He had


a speech impediment that ruined many speeches that he had to give in front of people. And the


people, it seemed in the movie, weren’t all that thrilled about it and were not sure he would make


such a great King if the occasion arised and didn’t want to stand behind him because of his


stammer. He and his wife tried so many different doctors to actually try to help him get over his


stammer, but to no avail they all failed. And he quit after a long while and I do not blame him.


After a bit of time passes his wife locates a Doctor by the name of Lionel Logue who has very


unorthodox methods in trying to get Bertie passed his stammer. And eventually it works and he


doesn’t stammer as much and they eventually become best friends and Lionel helps him through


every speech and war speech for the rest of Bertie’s life.


            Overall the movie followed what happened in real life pretty closely. There are a few


things that were wrong, and I had to keep in mind this movie was made in Hollywood and they


love to twist things a bit. After doing a bit of research on King George VI, I found out that in fact


he was born left handed but because this was not acceptable for a member of the Royal family,


his teachers made him learn how to write with his right hand. It was also correct that as a child


growing up he had to wear leg splints to help him walk better. The only thing I found wrong,


from when he was a child, was the fact in the movie Bertie said his stammer started around the


ages of 4 or 5, but in fact the stammering started when he was 8 years old. And when it came to

his wife, Elizabeth-Bowes Lyon, they were pretty accurate. She was a strong lady and always


supported Bertie whenever he needed it. Just as an interesting fact, when they were younger she


actually refused his marriage proposal twice. The reason this is, according to the movie, was


because she was afraid of the Royal life and what you had to do when you were a part of the


Royal family.


 Another thing I did notice, and this was from a different history class, was that in the


movie, King George V called Joseph Stalin “Marshal Stalin” but Stalin was not awarded this title


until March 1943, after the Battle of Stalingrad, more than 7 years after King George V died. So


that was historically inaccurate. Also, what I wish they would have shown, was the fact that


Bertie and his wife stayed in Britain while the Blitz was happening, and people acknowledge that


and loved the fact that they were willing to stay with their people through the darkest of days.


They characterize Bertie, aka King George VI, as a very strong-willed man who was sometimes


anxious but never lacked the bravery that was needed. And that really showed well in the movie,


even after the abdication of his eldest brother. But truthfully I think that in his eldest brother


doing that, it helped restore faith in the Royal family and the throne, along with King George


becoming much better at his speech. It restored confidence in the people and the military. He


also was a huge supporter of Winston Churchill. And once again, this movie did a good job on


portraying the Royal family, Bertie, his wife, and Lionel.


When I was watching this film, it reminded me of a few things we have learned so far in


class. The first thing it reminded me of was the difference in social classes. There was a part in


the movie where after Bertie’s father died and told Lionel that they were too different people,


that he had never really talked to the common man and didn’t know much about his life and how


the common man does not know much about the Royal life and how it works. And that reminded


me a bit of how Queen Isabella treated the Jews. And that maybe if any type of Royal family


learned to know the common man or folk, they would treat people a little better rather than


judging them on their social class or automatically despising them for strange reasons. Another


part that ties in with the class is the speech impediment. Even though when the Spanish started


coming over here to America, or I guess discovering more of South America, there was a speech


difference and dialect. And this movie really made me think of that. If you really don’t have


much of a speech , or a way to communicate, some people will not want to stand behind you, and


because they might not understand what is being said or communicated, it could be taken the


wrong way. Just like how Pizarro gives Atahualpa a Bible, he knows that’s a great gift, but


Atahualpa doesn’t know how important it is and just randomly throws it on the ground. There for


a fight ensues. The same thing happened with Bertie. When people didn’t really understand what


he was saying because of his stammer, they didn’t really want a king like that, but when he


started speaking much better and with a little help, they stood by him.





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For my wonderful Western Civ class we had to pick a movie and write a review about it and throughly critique it to see if some of the movie was accurate or inaccurate, especially since it was made by Hollywood. Enjoy!





By devilpup141